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Pale-oh!: My story

9 Apr

I’m pretty sure I started worrying about losing my baby weight as soon as I ganed 15 pounds around month 6. I was extremely careful and followed the Brewer Diet until I was about 8 months pregnant (I had gained a healthy 20 lbs by that point) but then, I think I just stopped caring and started giving into my cravings.

(Side-note: cravings are pretty much an old wives tale. Just because you’re  pregnant and want ice cream, that doesn’t mean “my body needs calcium”. I most likely means you want ice cream. lol. There is an interesting article here about that. I’m definitely not giving into cravings during my next pregnancy. .. it’s what packed on all my weight in the end!)

Long story short, I gained 46 lbs! I wish I had  better ‘before and after’ pics since I started out a little smaller and ended a little bigger at 42 weeks. But you get the idea…

Being pregnant and having a baby really helped put my health into perspective and I knew that I needed to do something to change my habits. I wanted to lose weight and be the most fit and healthy that I could be for my family. Which is where the ‘Paleo lifestyle’ comes in. I have a few friends who have been doing this Paleo diet/ lifestyle for a while… You can read about what that is here .

Before I was pregnant, I tried to go on it a couple of times, but always gave in to my love for sweets and breads. Once Abbie was born, I had to go on an elimination diet because she had gas/ reflux. Before we put her on meds, we wanted to make sure it wasn’t a specific food that I was eating since I breastfeed her…but in the process of eliminating basically everything and slowly adding things back, I found that certain foods caused me to react. I would “puff up” and feel very lethargic (even with portion control and trying small amounts). I realized that without those foods that puffed me up, I was basically eating Paleo! So I did some research, learned A LOT, and I have decided to join the Paleo bandwagon!

It  has been 15 weeks and I have already lost 53 pounds! Needless to say, I’m a believer and I feel better than I have in a long time. I’ll be posting recipes and weight-loss info as I go along (I want to lose 30 more lbs). But I encourage you to do some research on Paleo and try it for yourself! Not just for weight-loss, but for a healthier life 🙂

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