Seven Things Saturday

22 Jun

1. I am pretty sure I’m averaging one blog post per month now haha…..*slow clap*… way to go, Sarah. Way to go.

2. Justin took me to the ER last night. I feel dumb for even posting about this because it was one of those “better safe than sorry” situations. I was having some weird symptoms, Justin looked on webMD (mistake #1), he told me what he found (mistake #2), we called our doctor and he told us to go to the ER because it sounded like it could be a blood clot in my leg. 2 hours, 1 ultrasound, and $400 later….I am fine. It was a dumb dumb dumb night.

(And I realize that makes us sound a bit like hypochondriacs lol. We really aren’t, I promise!)

3. We leave for Colorado in 5 weeks!! My brother is getting married so we will spend a week up there in Breckenridge. Can’t wait!! (Although I am a little nervous about flying with Abbie now that she is so active and busy.)

4. I am on day 5 of my sugar detox. I don’t feel any different, really. Just trying to get back into healthy habits 🙂 Next thing to take out is dairy!

5. As I write this, Abbie is snoring on the baby monitor and Justin is napping next to me, snoring in my ear. Now I know why I don’t sleep very well!

6. Today is yard work day! Once everyone wakes up, we will head to Lowes to pick up a few things (tomato cage, planter, paint..). I need to beautify our back porch because I am hosting a Juice Plus event next weekend. Can’t wait!

7. I really need a nap! 🙂


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