In case you were wondering…

16 May

-Things around here have been busy, uneventful, and happy. Our days are filled with playing, dancing, learning, and the occasional meltdown haha. 

-Sometimes I look at Abbie and wonder how the heck she got so big! She turns 17 months next week…what?!

– When I see little babies, I get baby fever. SO. BAD. …..but then I remember Abbie’s birth story. And then I’m good for the next, like, 20 years. I’m not sure when the next baby Shannon will enter our family, but it probably won’t be for a while haha. 

– I am currently going through a Beth Moore Bible study called “Living Beyond Yourself”. It has only been a week, and I am SO encouraged! You can read more about it here

– Abbie is going through an “I hate wearing clothes at home” phase. I am thinking this is a great opportunity to potty train….now I just need to get the motivation! 


All in all, life is going wonderfully for our family and we are super blessed 🙂 



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