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GF recipe success!

22 Apr

I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything…but I am usually a pretty good cook. I like to experiment and make up my own recipes, but when we became a family with strange diet restrictions, experimenting got pretty challenging!

I quickly began to memorize all of the baking substitutions (who knew flax seed and water could replace an egg?!) and as long as I followed a recipe, things turn out pretty well!

The one thing I have been craving (nope, Im not pregnant) lately is cornbread. But I have never found a successful recipe until today!

I made beef stew for dinner and cornbread was the perfect compliment! Here is the link. Try it out for yourself!

*side note..I had no cornmeal on hand, so I just ran corn chips through the food processor and omitted the salt that the recipe calls for. It didn’t change the consistency or taste at all! Sorry the pic isn’t better..I just snapped it as I was cleaning up dinner!



God moment.

9 Apr

Today was a tough day for Abbie. I tried taking her to Kohls with me but that lasted 5 minutes.
With 3 molars and a canine popping through her gums in addition to her free spirit, doing anything on my want list was darn near impossible.

I decided our day needed something out of the ordinary after the Kohls meltdown, so I drove to the nearest park . Thankfully, it was completely empty so I could let Abbie run loose.

As she was running around, I closely followed behind giving her directions. “Just look at the pond, don’t touch it”, “Don’t pick up that plastic”, “Stay on the path…follow mommy.”

I had a moment there with God, thinking that it is a lot like my relationship with Him.

He sees the things on the path that are dangerous for me and give me clear instruction on how to avoid getting hurt. Like Abbie, I have a strong will and don’t always listen…but God is always there on the path with me. Loving, forgiving, and directing me.


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