1 Jan

2012 was a year of challenge and adjustment (yet also filled with MANY blessings!!)

My prayer is that 2013 will be a year of “better” for the Shannons. Better attitudes, better self-discipline, better at loving….just better 🙂 And I am so excited to kick the New Year off! 

Here are my resolutions…..

1. Buy nothing NEW. Everything I buy this year (with the exception of groceries and paper items), I will aim to buy second-hand. I am mainly talking about clothes, baby gear, furniture, etc.

2. Eat only local, organic produce. This goes along with a new business venture and vlog that my husband and I are starting up together. We will have a lot more to share with you by the end of the month…..so excited! 

3. Limit sugar to 1x/ week. 

4. I am only allowing myself to get one Starbucks drink a week and it MUST be a social thing (ie meeting a friend to catch up). No drive thru just because I am craving an Americano…..

5. Implement a weekly date night with my hubby 🙂



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