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Trick Or Treat!…or not…

31 Oct

We had big plans to take Abbie trick-or-treating on her first Halloween, but she was ready for bed before we got a chance to eat dinner!

So we just took pictures in her costume, put her to bed, ate dinner, and watched Downton Abbey.

This was our first year not handing out candy to trick- or- treaters (didn’t want to wake Abbie with the knocking or doorbell!). So it was definitely a different Halloween…but then again, everything is different when you have a baby 😉

We are so looking forward to next year! Here are some pics of the evening.






Pinterest FAIL: homemade tortillas

29 Oct


Mmmmm. Warm, homemade tortillas. Sounds pretty good, right? When I saw this pic on Pinterest, I just had to pin it and try it out for myself! Seemed easy enough….flour, vegetable shortening, salt, and warm water. Who could mess that up?!

… I could.

Normally I’m a pretty good chef and I love trying new recipes (or making up my own). But I totally jacked this recipe up. Looking back, it could very well be the fact that I used rice flour. But whatever.

You are supposed to mix the flour and shortening together with your hands “until the shortening is no longer visible”. Well, shortening is white. Flour is white. How am I supposed to know if it isn’t visible when it all looks the same! I mixed it for a decent amount of time since I had no idea what “no longer visible” meant. It all seemed the same consistency when I was done so I figured that was enough.

Then, with a fork you mix in “very warm tap water with 3/4 tsp dissolved in it”. Done. Easy.

Once I did that, I was supposed to kneed the dough into a ball, separate that into 12 balls, and let them sit for about 30 minutes before rolling into a tortilla shape.


This is what I ended up with. A big doughy ball with a weird consistency. Then I tried to roll it out….and it kept crumbling around the edges.


I should have just stopped my endeavor right here. This has fail written all over it. It felt more like nasty, stale playdough rather than soft tortilla dough.

Then I thought I might as well try frying it. Just for kicks to see what would happen….



Fail, fail, fail.

I guess there is no hope for homemade rice tortillas. We ended up just eating taco salads for dinner and they were delicious (and carb-free! 🙂 )


Ignore my dirty kitchen and strange face. My husband said “try to look sad, disappointed, and grossed out all at the same time”…what?

The summary: I probably won’t be attempting these again.

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