Paleo update #2

25 May

Here’s my paleo update  rant: mixing a paleo diet with the breastfeeding elimination diet and my stupid food allergies has been so annoying! 

  • The top things used in making “treats” in the paleo world are nuts and coconut…..I’m allergic to coconut and I cut out eating nuts for Abbie. 
  • A healthy protein in paleo is seafood….I’m allergic to shellfish
  • Another protein source is eggs…..had to cut that for Abbie. 
  • I also can’t eat  pork (for Abbie) or legumes (which aren’t paleo anyways). 

So that leaves me with chicken, beef, lamb (which is expensive and I never buy), veggies, and fruit. No bueno. 

I have to admit that I haven’t been totally paleo and I’ve added oats, rice, and potatoes to my diet just so that I can get enough calories and add variety.So I’m not really “paleo” at all these days haha.  And although I’m eating those starches, I still feel pretty good and I’m continuing to lose weight.  

I just wish there were more options to eat. Or maybe I just need to do some research and figure out more recipes…..


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