Milk cures everything…

7 May

Before I started doing my research on all things baby related, I would have thought you were crazy if you told me to squirt some breast milk in my baby’s eye if it looked a little red and puffy. I would have thought you were even crazier if you told me to put some in my own eye if I had the same problem.

But what I didn’t know then was the amazing power and properties of breast milk. Seriously. It helps everything from rashes, to bug bites, to chapped lips, and the list goes on. Peaceful Parenting  has some awesome info and a long list for uses of BM.  KellyMom also has some great links….some doctors even believe that certain properties of BM can cure cancer! (If that doesn’t make you feel like a supermom I don’t know what will!)

So anyway, the whole reason I am bringing this up is the fact that I woke up last week with a terrible headache on the right side of my head/ jaw. I had it for two days and had no idea what was going on. I assumed that maybe I was just clenching my teeth in my sleep,  but when my ear started ringing, I put two and two together….I had an ear infection 😦

I have never had an ear infection, but when I was pregnant I heard that ear infections were common in babies (more so in formula-fed babies). I also heard that if you put a few drops of breast milk in the affected ear, it will clear it right up. So I thought that if it worked for a baby, surely it must work for me too! I got a baby medicine dropper, got on my side,  and dropped 4 drops of BM into my ear twice (once at 2pm and again at 3). By 3:30, my head/ jaw/ ear aches were gone and they haven’t returned since!

Story #2 is when Abbie got a clogged tear duct when she was a couple of weeks old. It had been red, puffy, and “crusty” (ew) for a couple of days and I remembered my doula talking about how breast milk got rid of pink eye. I figured it would probably work for this, too! So I laid Abbie on her changing table and squirted some milk in her eye (that was a hilarious sight, I’m sure! It didn’t even phase her) . Sure enough, within an hour her eye was better and it never returned.

I’m a believer in this stuff!

found this on Pinterest 🙂


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