My Beloved

1 May

4.6.8 when we started dating..we look a little nervous!

04/06/08 is a very special date for Justin and I. That was the day that two best friends decided they wanted to be “more than friends” and, eventually, would like to marry each other. Yup! We knew we wanted to get married the day we started dating. Crazy? Probably….but when you’ve been best friends for two years, you already know so much about the person. We both realized that we had slowly been falling in love with each other over those years of friendship. **fun fact** exactly three years later, 04/06/11, we found out we were pregnant with Abbie 🙂


from when we were dating..July 2008 I think

fall 2008

So time went by and it was Christmas time. By then, we had already been talking like we knew we were going to get married. Since graduation was coming up in April of 2009, I was expecting a proposal any day now so I could start planning a summer wedding! Well Christmas came….and went. Did I get a ring? No. I got Disney Scene it. (But I totally thought it was a ring because Justin wanted to video tape me opening it…who does that?? lol)

no ring...but I totally dominate at this game.

So no ring came, but I remained patient. I knew Justin was the man that God had sent as my future husband. Surely he would propose on Valentines day!

I should tell you now that we were one of those annoying couples that celebrated “monthiversaries”. So every month on the 6th, we did something special. For our 10 month anniversary on 2/6/09, we went on a picnic and that is where Justin proposed 🙂 It was actually really sweet and I wish I had it on video. He wrote a song for me and sang/ played guitar. The last line was “here is all of me, asking on one knee” and he pulled the ring out *swoon*!


We got married 05/02/09 …a week after we both graduated. The past three years have been some of the most challenging, happy, growth-filled, and wonderful years of my life 🙂 It is amazing to be married to my absolute BEST friend. I can come to him with anything, be myself, and I just love being around him no matter what we are doing! I LOVE YOU, JUSTIN!! Happy Anniversary!!



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