Cloth Adventures (continued)

1 May

Up until today, cloth diapering had been going really well! We were exclusively using the cloth diapers during the day and only using disposables at night, when we went on a trip out of town, and once when I forgot to do the laundry (eek!). We didn’t experience any leaks which was wonderful because I had read that, depending on the “build” of your baby, certain brands can cause leaks.

We use the all-in-one, one size BumGenius diapers and I honestly don’t have any complaints thus far in our cloth diaper journey. It’s really easy to just throw the dirty diaper in the laundry bag (just like you’d throw away a disposable diaper). Then every other day, you just dump the laundry bag into the washer and viola. Done. I know a lot of people think its a hassle…but most people are doing laundry every other day (regardless of you’re doing cloth or not) simply because babes are messy.

So let me share what we learned today: yeast is a nasty, nasty monster. Lol. Abbie has a yeast rash and as I researched how to treat it, I discovered that if you’re using cloth diapers you need to “strip” the diapers to make sure all the yeast is gone so that your baby doesn’t get another rash. Now, when I first heard the term “strip your diapers”, I imagined sitting there ripping the diaper up and “stripping” the cloth part off. Maybe I’m strange to have that as my thought process? I dunno. Whether I’m strange or not, stripping diapers is much easier than I thought. It just involves dawn dish soap, bleach, and doing some laundry. The BumGenius website has the stripping directions on there so it is super easy.
Thankfully the rash is going away now, the diapers are stripped, and we are ready to hop back on the cloth diapering bandwagon 🙂


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