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Paleo update #2

25 May

Here’s my paleo update  rant: mixing a paleo diet with the breastfeeding elimination diet and my stupid food allergies has been so annoying! 

  • The top things used in making “treats” in the paleo world are nuts and coconut…..I’m allergic to coconut and I cut out eating nuts for Abbie. 
  • A healthy protein in paleo is seafood….I’m allergic to shellfish
  • Another protein source is eggs…..had to cut that for Abbie. 
  • I also can’t eat  pork (for Abbie) or legumes (which aren’t paleo anyways). 

So that leaves me with chicken, beef, lamb (which is expensive and I never buy), veggies, and fruit. No bueno. 

I have to admit that I haven’t been totally paleo and I’ve added oats, rice, and potatoes to my diet just so that I can get enough calories and add variety.So I’m not really “paleo” at all these days haha.  And although I’m eating those starches, I still feel pretty good and I’m continuing to lose weight.  

I just wish there were more options to eat. Or maybe I just need to do some research and figure out more recipes…..


The vaccine decision: Part 1

9 May

To be honest I have been avoiding writing this post. Partially because I don’t have time with Abbie teething these days, but also because I am nervous about how people will react. Before I go any further, I want to emphasize that my reasons for posting this are to educate and to share my views.

This subject is VERY personal and looks different for every family. It is a serious decision that should be made based on lifestyle, family history, etc. I am in no way looking for anyone’s opinion on how I should raise my child and I am not attempting to do the same for anyone else. I simply would like to share the research that I have done and let you know what decisions we came to as a family.

To understand a little bit about where I am coming from, I’ll tell you about what I’ve learned from personal experience. Much of our health correlates with what we put into our body. I believe food is the BEST medicine that we can give our bodies. Since beginning this paleo journey, I have come to realize that even more. Besides a contagious and unavoidable stomach bug, I have not gotten a cold/ flu in the past year since eating clean (for the most part) and taking a fruit/ veggie supplement (juice plus). The deeper I delve into research, the more I am learning that food and plants/minerals from the earth can cure just about anything (boy, I sounded pretty hippy-ish there, didn’t I?) If you take a step back and look at our society, the majority of Americans are pumping artificial foods, chemicals, toxins, and medicines into their bodies on a daily basis. Its insane!

It seems these days that our society has a mindset of “the medical world knows best”. And while I do not want to undermine doctors, their knowledge, and what they do…they only know what they learned in school. Medicine. And, for the most part, they all went through school like cookie cutters to become doctors, learning that there is usually ONE best way to treat certain things.  While that isn’t a bad thing in some cases, it can be detrimental when it comes to vaccinating the population.

I’m not a crazy person who thinks vaccines are the devil. I think that certain vaccines may be appropriate for certain  people. For the most part, Justin and I believe that they are unnecessary in our situation.  It really all comes down to your family’s lifestyle, which I will talk about more in a second.

Doctors don’t  always know best and that “mainstream medicine” shouldn’t be applied to every individual without question. We have a responsibility to ourselves and our children to know the benefits and dangers about what goes into our bodies. Justin and I try to apply this to everything…medicine, food, household products, knowledge/ information, and (obviously) vaccines.

I think when most people think about vaccines and disease, they imagine some invisible monster roaming through the air, waiting to snatch someone up and destroy them. Yes, disease is terrible and potentially catastrophic, but it is important to research what diseases you are vaccinating against and you also need to research the vaccine itself .

One reason Justin and I decided to hold off on vaccinating is the fact that many diseases children are vaccinated for are extremely rare these days (NOT just because we have been vaccinating the population) and if a child  does catch something, many diseases are extremely treatable with modern medicine… see what I did there? I didn’t say medicine and doctors were evil 😉

Some other factors that helped make our decision were Abbie isn’t in daycare, we don’t plan to travel out of the country any time soon,  and she is breastfed. Those three things alone GREATLY reduce her risk of catching any illnesses or diseases.

This link has quite a few great videos that go through each vaccine, its ingredients, etc. Justin and I found these videos extremely useful in making our decision. We also read The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears which is full of insight.

I will post more about vaccines and our decision on not currently vaccinating, but this is a lot of info to throw out there all at once. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer it in my next ‘vaccine decision’ post. I am going to talk about our experience with the one and only shot Abbie received, a delayed vaccine schedule, and reactions 🙂

Milk cures everything…

7 May

Before I started doing my research on all things baby related, I would have thought you were crazy if you told me to squirt some breast milk in my baby’s eye if it looked a little red and puffy. I would have thought you were even crazier if you told me to put some in my own eye if I had the same problem.

But what I didn’t know then was the amazing power and properties of breast milk. Seriously. It helps everything from rashes, to bug bites, to chapped lips, and the list goes on. Peaceful Parenting  has some awesome info and a long list for uses of BM.  KellyMom also has some great links….some doctors even believe that certain properties of BM can cure cancer! (If that doesn’t make you feel like a supermom I don’t know what will!)

So anyway, the whole reason I am bringing this up is the fact that I woke up last week with a terrible headache on the right side of my head/ jaw. I had it for two days and had no idea what was going on. I assumed that maybe I was just clenching my teeth in my sleep,  but when my ear started ringing, I put two and two together….I had an ear infection 😦

I have never had an ear infection, but when I was pregnant I heard that ear infections were common in babies (more so in formula-fed babies). I also heard that if you put a few drops of breast milk in the affected ear, it will clear it right up. So I thought that if it worked for a baby, surely it must work for me too! I got a baby medicine dropper, got on my side,  and dropped 4 drops of BM into my ear twice (once at 2pm and again at 3). By 3:30, my head/ jaw/ ear aches were gone and they haven’t returned since!

Story #2 is when Abbie got a clogged tear duct when she was a couple of weeks old. It had been red, puffy, and “crusty” (ew) for a couple of days and I remembered my doula talking about how breast milk got rid of pink eye. I figured it would probably work for this, too! So I laid Abbie on her changing table and squirted some milk in her eye (that was a hilarious sight, I’m sure! It didn’t even phase her) . Sure enough, within an hour her eye was better and it never returned.

I’m a believer in this stuff!

found this on Pinterest 🙂

My Beloved

1 May

4.6.8 when we started dating..we look a little nervous!

04/06/08 is a very special date for Justin and I. That was the day that two best friends decided they wanted to be “more than friends” and, eventually, would like to marry each other. Yup! We knew we wanted to get married the day we started dating. Crazy? Probably….but when you’ve been best friends for two years, you already know so much about the person. We both realized that we had slowly been falling in love with each other over those years of friendship. **fun fact** exactly three years later, 04/06/11, we found out we were pregnant with Abbie 🙂


from when we were dating..July 2008 I think

fall 2008

So time went by and it was Christmas time. By then, we had already been talking like we knew we were going to get married. Since graduation was coming up in April of 2009, I was expecting a proposal any day now so I could start planning a summer wedding! Well Christmas came….and went. Did I get a ring? No. I got Disney Scene it. (But I totally thought it was a ring because Justin wanted to video tape me opening it…who does that?? lol)

no ring...but I totally dominate at this game.

So no ring came, but I remained patient. I knew Justin was the man that God had sent as my future husband. Surely he would propose on Valentines day!

I should tell you now that we were one of those annoying couples that celebrated “monthiversaries”. So every month on the 6th, we did something special. For our 10 month anniversary on 2/6/09, we went on a picnic and that is where Justin proposed 🙂 It was actually really sweet and I wish I had it on video. He wrote a song for me and sang/ played guitar. The last line was “here is all of me, asking on one knee” and he pulled the ring out *swoon*!


We got married 05/02/09 …a week after we both graduated. The past three years have been some of the most challenging, happy, growth-filled, and wonderful years of my life 🙂 It is amazing to be married to my absolute BEST friend. I can come to him with anything, be myself, and I just love being around him no matter what we are doing! I LOVE YOU, JUSTIN!! Happy Anniversary!!


Cloth Adventures (continued)

1 May

Up until today, cloth diapering had been going really well! We were exclusively using the cloth diapers during the day and only using disposables at night, when we went on a trip out of town, and once when I forgot to do the laundry (eek!). We didn’t experience any leaks which was wonderful because I had read that, depending on the “build” of your baby, certain brands can cause leaks.

We use the all-in-one, one size BumGenius diapers and I honestly don’t have any complaints thus far in our cloth diaper journey. It’s really easy to just throw the dirty diaper in the laundry bag (just like you’d throw away a disposable diaper). Then every other day, you just dump the laundry bag into the washer and viola. Done. I know a lot of people think its a hassle…but most people are doing laundry every other day (regardless of you’re doing cloth or not) simply because babes are messy.

So let me share what we learned today: yeast is a nasty, nasty monster. Lol. Abbie has a yeast rash and as I researched how to treat it, I discovered that if you’re using cloth diapers you need to “strip” the diapers to make sure all the yeast is gone so that your baby doesn’t get another rash. Now, when I first heard the term “strip your diapers”, I imagined sitting there ripping the diaper up and “stripping” the cloth part off. Maybe I’m strange to have that as my thought process? I dunno. Whether I’m strange or not, stripping diapers is much easier than I thought. It just involves dawn dish soap, bleach, and doing some laundry. The BumGenius website has the stripping directions on there so it is super easy.
Thankfully the rash is going away now, the diapers are stripped, and we are ready to hop back on the cloth diapering bandwagon 🙂

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