Cloth Adventures….

2 Apr

Two things Justin and I are adamant about: saving money and giving Abbie the best we can provide.  So when we learned about cloth diapers, we knew it was the only thing that made sense.

I must admit, not knowing anything about cloth diapering, my first thought was this:

I did NOT want to mess with safety pins, accidentally poking Abbie, cleaning up a poopy mess  in that thin cloth,  or folding nasty rags after doing the laundry.

But I began to research and found that cloth diapers are pretty cool! They are easy to use, wash, and MUCH easier on the budget (we learned that cloth diapers can save you around $1500)! The other bonus is that cloth diapers are much safer to use since they aren’t filled with chemicals – even those brown “chlorine-free” diapers are filled with them! As far as usage goes, the only big difference is that instead of throwing the trash bag of dirty diapers away, you dump the trash bag into the laundry.

If you are currently using or plan on using disposable diapers PLEASE go here . It’s what helped me make the decision to switch.

So, with all that said, we are slowly making the switch to cloth diapers. We got quite a few disposables at the baby shower so we are finishing them up..but today was Abbie’s first adventure wearing cloth ALL day (we use Bumgenius). Here is what they look like…

left: cloth diaper, right: cloth diaper insert


 They come in all types of colors/ patterns and its super easy! Abbie couldn’t even tell a difference!

"What? I'm wearing a cloth diaper??"


One Response to “Cloth Adventures….”

  1. Mama Eew April 3, 2012 at 11:18 pm #

    We have some Bumgenius and some Gdiaps. Love them but I’ve been lazy recently and have been using disposables again. Oh well.

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