Product Love #2: Boppy

1 Apr

Abbie chillin' on the Boppy pillow

I could talk about breastfeeding for hours. The trials, the joys, the annoyances (leaky boobs? what?)…yep…I’ve become one of those moms that has no boundaries when it comes to anything related to babies or bodily functions. When the day comes that I start talking about Abbie’s poop on here, we’ll all know I’ve gone off the deep end.

But I digress. Back to breastfeeding.

Personally, breastfeeding has been a struggle (and still is sometimes) but I thank God that I haven’t given up and we’re still going strong. While I could go on and on talking about the many health benefits that go along with it or how it saves SO much money (yay for free food!), I really want to talk about the importance of being comfortable while nursing.

Let me say this right off the bat: I used to hate my Boppy. Obviously that has changed (hence, the ‘Product Luurve #2’). So let me explain…

After Abbie was born, feeding her was pretty difficult we couldn’t find a good position at all. I tried the Boppy when she was a newborn but she would only eat in the “football hold” and I couldn’t maneuver her in that position PLUS try to get the Boppy to fit around my huge stomach that still looked pregnant (pretty picture, eh?).  When it comes down to it, I think Abbie and I were just trying to get the hang of breastfeeding and everything was frustrating us at that point. I remember sitting in bed with FIVE pillows trying to get both of us into a comfortable position. I wanted to give up and switch to formula so many times (praise God I didn’t!).

It wasn’t until she was a few weeks old that I fell in love with my Boppy. My stomach was smaller, she was bigger, and everything just seemed to work better. Now, I can barely nurse without it! It puts her at the perfect height and allows me to have a hand free that would normally be holding her up to me…I seriously wish they made a blow-up “travel size” version to stick in my diaper bag. I should patent that idea in case they read this blog hehe.

Here’s the break down:


  • allows mom to be hands-free while nursing (eating chips carrot sticks and channel surfing  reading timeless literature, woot!)
  • comfy for baby and mom- sometimes that is where Abbie takes her naps if she falls asleep in my lap after nursing
  • easy to use
  • multi purpose: pillow, nursing pillow, helps baby sit up, great for tummy time
  • slipcover comes off for easy washing
  • many stylish, cute slipcovers available


  • difficult to use when mom is bigger
  • no travel-size available

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