Product Love #1: Ergo

29 Mar

If you have a baby, then you know how important it is to be hands free for at least some part of the day.

You also know how important naps for the little one are. And those two factors, my friends, are what brought me to the Ergo baby carrier. Abbie is three months old now and I had tried three different carriers before I caved and bought mine (it’s a bit on the pricey side..thank goodness for Amazon!).  But I love it so, so, so, much. I can put Abbie in it, she naps, and I have free hands to do whatever I need to do.

It is also great for grocery trips and errands. I make sure its in my car whenever we go out! I think I have Abbie trained to associate it with sleep because even if she’s already napped, she falls right asleep in it! Currently, we are using it with the infant insert because she is just now getting to the point where her neck is strong. But I would suggest not getting rid of the infant insert until baby can sit up on his/her own.

So let’s break it down!


  • lightweight to tote around
  • head cover for when baby is sleeping or to shield off weather conditions (sun, rain, etc)
  • comfortable for baby
  • baby sleeps soundly
  • designed for baby’s posture-  baby is in a natural position as if you were holding him/ her. Other carriers like the Baby Bjorn hold the baby in an unnatural way and it can cause hip problems.
  • adjustable waist band, shoulder straps, and head cover so it works from infant to toddler
  • adjustable to wear front, back, or hip
  • doesn’t hurt the wearer’s back


  • on the more expensive side (but we shopped on Amazon and got it for 50% off)
  • baby could probably get a little sweaty if you’re wearing it outside in the heat (80 or above)

Overall, I’d say this is the best carrier hands down! We had a Moby Wrap, Seven Sling, and a Baby Bjorn but the Ergo worked out the best for both Abbie and myself 🙂



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