why chewy?

21 Mar

My hubby and I found out we were pregnant on April 6, 2011. Ever since then, I have been dedicating a large portion of my time to researching all of the options out there as far as what goes into the food I feed my family, the products we use, and even what type of doctors we choose to see. My husband and I also took a Bradley childbirth class during pregnancy which introduced us the world of natural childbirth and parenting.

I never knew what “crunchy” was before all of this..but in case you are wondering, here’s my take on what it is. Crunchy is an approach towards life. My take on “Crunchy parenting”  is simply that parents take a step back from the mainstream of what society tells them to do regarding sleep, discipline, eating, vaccines, etc. and make their own decisions. That is not to say that crunchy people don’t do mainstream things…sometimes  mainstream works. But crunchy people are notorious for researching their hearts out- they don’t just do something because that’s what everyone else is doing.

It has been difficult finding my place in this whirlwind of naturalness because I feel too mainstream for my crunchy friends and too crunchy for my mainstream friends….but I seem to have found a place somewhere in between and I’m comfortably “chewy” 🙂 But who knows…that could change the more I research. I could always get a tad crunchier…

This blog is my attempt to open up minds (including mine), share our adventures of parenthood, share product info, share knowledge, and to give myself a little sanity and “me time” since blogging is a passion of mine 🙂

Hope you enjoy! Here’s a pic of our crazy cute little family.



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